Biomass Processing Equipment

With in-depth knowledge and experience, we can provide the best equipment throughout Lancaster when you are looking to process biomass. Biomass is used to produce renewable energy so that we can live in a sustainable world for many years to come and the right equipment must be used to do this.

We provide a wide range of equipment to help do this, which includes:

  • Pellet Mills
  • Hammer Mills
  • Counter flow Cooler
  • Vertical Cooler
  • Vibrating Sifter
  • Rotative Screener

We supply spare parts and handling systems to ensure that all your own equipment works to the right standard and efficiently produce biomass. As well as this, we also have reconditioned equipment available so if you are looking to get rid of old materials and create biomass, we have a wide range of equipment available for you to use.

Having been established in 1980, you can place your trust in us to deliver quality equipment for you, that will create biomass professionally. All our equipment comes at a great price whilst it never compromises on quality.

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