New Dies & Spare Parts

New Dies & Spare Parts For Machinery

take viagra with or without food If you are looking for new dies and spare parts within the biomass and animal feed industry, Condex UK Ltd can provide it. We have a selection of spare parts to choose from that can help repair any machinery that needs maintenance. The dies that we will supply are completely bespoke to the industry and to every individual’s requirements. Additionally, we have a size range usually between 1.8mm to 14mm in diameter.

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go to link When you are in need of a new die, our products are the only choice. Being manufactured from German stainless steel, dies are all gun drilled, vacuum hardened and finish machined to give them the optimum concentricity. Our dies are run in the factory to ensure they perform to the maximum and give out their optimum performance constantly, which helps to eliminate frequent problems that can occur with the start up of dies.

What Spare Parts Do We Offer?

see url As well as our machinery, we can also provide spare parts for broken equipment. Whether you want brand new machinery to replace old worn out equipment or just replacement components, we are happy to help.

doctors that prescribe viagra Here at Condex UK Ltd we have a large stock of spare parts for:

  • Pellet Mills
  • Hammer Mills
  • Coolers
  • Crumblers
  • Roller Shells
  • Dies
  • Sieves
  • Mixers

diflucan for men no prescription We have a huge stock of different machinery parts and many more products as well. Condex UK Ltd are the first place to call when you require new dies and spare parts throughout Lancashire. We will provide quality parts quickly and for an affordable price.

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Contact Us Get in touch with our helpful and friendly team on 01524 61601. We will talk you through all the machinery we have available, finding the best options for you.

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