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Counterflow cooler systems are the most advanced in the industry when it comes to pellet cooling. Used to provide efficient moisture control and low-shock tempered cooling, Condex UK Ltd will always provide counterflow, horizontal and vertical coolers suitable for you.

Offering three types of coolers, vertical, horizontal and counterflow, we will offer advice to you to ensure you get the product that is most suitable for your individual need. All coolers are simple to use and has a relatively simple design to help with this. This means it is also mechanically trouble free.

Additionally, coolers are quite small meaning they only require minimal space on your property, so they are much easier to store. Our cooler stock for you includes:

  • Geelen Counterflow
  • Bespoke Horizontal Coolers
  • Simple Vertical Coolers
  • Complete Systems Offered
  • Spare Parts for Cooler Systems
  • Upgrades for Cooler Systems

Whilst being able to provide quality coolers, we can ensure that your cooler systems are working to the right standard. We can also upgrade and repair your existing coolers so that they work more efficiently.

Our coolers are made out of stainless steel with mild steel reinforcements and are very adjustable to suit you. They are unlikely to be damaged and our products are always function correctly at all times.

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