Crumbler Machines

Crumbler machines are used to break pellets up into even smaller pieces so that animal feed is more edible for smaller animals. Once pellets are created, they can often still be too big for animals such as chickens who feed on smaller foods such as breadcrumbs, so it is necessary to stay safe and break food down further in crumblers.

After pellets are created, they can be entered into the crumbler that will break them into smaller pieces that will fit through without being crushed. The gaps in crumblers are big enough so that only small granules and particles are able to fit through so you get the desired size of animal feed.

Our machinery is always delivered to the highest standard and ensures feed is always created to the right size. When it comes to feeding animals, they are always safe and will not risk choking or harming the animals in any way.

Our crumblers are easy to use for every client and has many benefits:

  • Highly Flexible with Roll Gap Adjustment
  • Long Service Life with Steel Design
  • Easy Operation of Product
  • Efficient Operation

With many benefits to our products and as they work very efficiently for every need, there is no reason not to get them for your company. If you require this product, we are the best option within Lancaster.

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