Specialised & Featured Equipment

Specialised & Featured Equipment in Lancaster

We provide a wide range of specialised and featured equipment for both the animal feed and biomass industries as our machinery can help with any issue you might have. Our specialist equipment includes:

  • Aerox Injectors
  • Sanitizers & Super Sanitizers / Hygieniser
  • Fats Coater

Aerox injectors use clean, ambient air that generates oxygen radicals that can be injected into a gas flow, which oxidises any odour molecules present in a gas flow. All our aerox products are easy to use and easy to fit wherever you require them. There is no chemical waste or drop in efficiency and they can contain large amounts of gas, whilst also having a low running cost.

The sanitizers that we provide are just as efficient and reliable for all your needs. Our super sanitizers include a speed hydraulic gear motor, as well as being equipped with an overflow emptying safety device in case you occur any problems with the materials inside. Sanitizers will ensure the food put inside it is clean and completely safe for eating.

Our fat coaters are able to enrich the animal feeds that require a high percentage of fat, with the fat that they need. This can be used on any animal feeds you require it for and is most common with poultry feed that requires a high fat level. Once sieving of the pellet is complete, the fat coaters ensure feed is dry and can have a fat percentage ranging from 7% to 11%.

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As well as these machines, we also have many other specialised and featured equipment available. Condex UK Ltd look to supply all the machinery you need straight to you throughout Lancaster, so if you are interested in this equipment, get in touch today on 01524 61601 for additional information on these products.