Test Facility

Machinery Test Facility

We provide a test facility so that you can test all equipment and ensure it works to the standard that you expect from each machine. Whether you want to take advantage of our grinding and mixing facilities or you would prefer to test the pelleting of non-standard materials, we can assist you.

We want our customers to be completely satisfied with all machinery and we are happy for you to test for any faults. If you find any issues or you are looking for a new machine, our team can find the suitable equipment for your use that will not let you down. Our full range of testing includes:

  • Pelleting of Non-Standard Raw Materials
  • Pelleting Feasibility Trials 25-250kg
  • Machine Rating for Full Scale Production
  • Small Production Runs
  • Die Specification Analysis
  • Grinding Facility
  • Mixing Facility

If these options apply to you, then we can help with all the testing you may require, no matter how much you are looking to trial.

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Testing Pelleting Materials

Being experts in the pelleting industry, we understand that you often want to test to see if the pelleting of new and different materials work. Condex UK Ltd will allow testing of materials between 25-250kg to ensure pelleting is done right.

Materials that we have tested in our own test facility include:

  • Wood
  • RDF
  • Carpet Fibre
  • Carpet Tiles
  • PVC Bags
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Graphite
  • Marine Algae

All these materials have already been tested for pelleting and worked effectively. However,  you are welcome to test new materials using our machines. We will guide you through testing to ensure you understand how to use the machines properly for your benefit.

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